Asteroid Mining

Building the infrastructure of a New Space economy.

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Near Earth Resources

Asteroid are abundant in water, metals and silicates;  all the raw materials we need to build the frontier.

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Using tiny spacecraft to scout for and evaluate near earth resources.

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Innovative Technology

Providing technical and spacecraft solutions for a wide range of customers

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Space Resources

The harvest of space is going to be the biggest industrial transformation in human history. Full realization of this transformation is a marathon effort. This is a long game.  And we have a detailed game plan.


DSI’s concept spacecraft, Mothership, will enable affordable access to deep space destinations by providing delivery and communications services. Help us design the mission that is right for you by filling out our short survey.

Our Technology

What we’re proposing is no easy feat.  Deep Space Industries has brought together the best minds in spacecraft design and implementation to create the worlds most advanced deep space vehicles.

NASA Pluto Images Predicted Forty Four Years Ago

DSI congratulates NASA and the New Horizons team for the amazing success of their mission to the planet Pluto. The incredible images returned by the spacecraft show a tiny world with a surprisingly smooth and geologically active surface. The company notes that they appear to validate a theory published 44 years ago by Dr. John S. Lewis, presently Chief Scientist of Deep Space Industries (DSI), while he was a professor at MIT.

Advanced Space Resource Utilization Technology Projects Supported by New NASA Awards to Deep Space Industries

DSI-Dragonfly-picker_BV-21-01-13NASA has selected Deep Space Industries (DSI) for two contracts devoted to developing critical technologies for utilizing asteroid resources. One will support the development of asteroid regolith simulants for terrestrial testing of technologies for excavation and processing of asteroid soil. The second award funds the investigation of methods to manufacture propellant from asteroids material.  Read More…

Silicon Valley Startups Enter the Space Race

sjbj-logoWhen Scott Nolan was an undergrad at Cornell studying aerospace engineering, he saw two ways to further the passion he had developed while building and launching rockets as a teen. “The two options looked like going to work at NASA or going to work with a large corporation that was fulfilling space contracts with the government — a Boeing, a Lockheed or Northrup,” said the partner at San Francisco-based Founders Fund.  Read more…

‘Space Lawyers’ Help Startups Navigate the Final Legal Frontier

wsj-wallstreetjournal-convertedAttorneys make up new legalese as businesses reach for the stars; spacecraft tort, asteroid mining disputes.  When Sagi Kfir meets people and tells them he is a “space attorney,” they usually think he has a strange way of saying he is in real estate. He says that when he adds that he is chief counsel of an asteroid mining company, people start telling “Star Wars” jokes. One common question: Do you represent Chewbacca or Han Solo? “I’m always the most interesting lawyer at a cocktail party,” says Mr. Kfir, 42 years old.  Read More…

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