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Asteroid Miners

Creating Wealth and Opportunity
from Space Resources

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Air, Water, and Materials
to build a New Space economy

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Seeking, Scouting, Evaluating
the resources of space.

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Technology, Spacecraft and Systems
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Space Resources

The harvest of space is going to be the biggest industrial transformation in human history. Full realization of this transformation is a marathon effort. This is a long game.  And we have a detailed game plan.


DSI’s concept spacecraft, Mothership™, will enable affordable access to deep space destinations by providing delivery and communications services. Help us design the mission that is right for you by filling out our short survey.

Our Technology

What we’re proposing is no easy feat.  Deep Space Industries has brought together the best minds in spacecraft design and implementation to create the worlds most advanced deep space vehicles.

Deep Space Industries is Bringing High Quality ISISpace Flight Hardware to the American Market

Innovative Solutions In Space (ISISpace), a recognized leader in the world-wide nanosat market, and Deep Space Industries have announced a partnership that will deliver significant benefits to customers, at highly competitive prices. Deep Space Industries will utilize ISISpace’s flight proven hardware and avionics in addition to DSI’s own proprietary technologies to provide high-quality, low-cost, agile nanosat platforms in the American market. Read More…

NASA Pluto Images Predicted Forty Four Years Ago

DSI congratulates NASA and the New Horizons team for the amazing success of their mission to the planet Pluto. The incredible images returned by the spacecraft show a tiny world with a surprisingly smooth and geologically active surface. The company notes that they appear to validate a theory published 44 years ago by Dr. John S. Lewis, presently Chief Scientist of Deep Space Industries (DSI), while he was a professor at MIT. Read More…

The Extraterrestrial Commodities Market

Air&SpaceA visionary scientist says that asteroids and comets can be the foundation of a lucrative space-based economy. The chief scientist at Deep Space Industries, John S. Lewis is a longtime proponent of asteroid mining and space-based manufacturing of propellants and life-support materials. He is a professor emeritus of planetary science at University of Arizona. Lewis spoke with Associate Editor Diane Tedeschi in July.  Read more…

Inside Ames: Asteroid mining could pave way for space colonies

idg.tvDeep Space Industries is a startup with an ambitious, futuristic goal: locate asteroids, check them out and then send in mining spacecraft to extract their materials for use in orbit. Deep Space Industries is a startup that wants to mine asteroids for materials. But not for use here on Earth. No, they have a more ambitious goal- use those materials to build cities up in space.  Read more…

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