Harvesting Space Resources

Deep Space will enable the expansion of the human race into the space frontier by developing the ability to find and harvest in-space resources.


Prospecting with Tiny Scouts

Identifying asteroids rich in water and metals will be done using foot-long spacecraft hitching rides on space-available launches.

Large-Scale Asteroid Missions

Multi-ton spacecraft will gather boulders and soil from asteroids rich in resources confirmed by our scouts. Deep Space is under contract to NASA to analyze how the agency and industry can cooperate on the initial industrial-scale missions.

Deep Space Industries

Deep Space Industries will change the economic model of doing business in space by providing the technical resources, capabilities and system integration required to discover, harvest, process and market in-space resources. The company’s small-but-daring asteroid scouting missions will begin prospecting for the richest targets. The goal is producing water, propellant, and building materials to serve markets in space, from extending the life and capabilities of commercial satellites to providing life support and power to new private-sector orbiting research stations.

Recent Announcements

Deep Space Industries and Solid Prototype Announce a Strategic Partnership

Solid Prototype will be an integral part of DSI’s spacecraft design process, helping reduce costs and decrease turnaround time

 Houston, TX – December 1, 2014.  Deep Space Industries and Solid Prototype, Inc are pleased to announce the development of a strategic partnership between the two companies.  Solid Prototype will be providing 3D printing services for DSI, in an effort to revolutionize the spacecraft design and development industry through faster turnaround, lower cost, and weight reduction.

Deep Space Industries Welcomes PR and Communications Expert Meagan Crawford to the Team

Meagan Crawford, Deep Space Industries

As the strategic development of DSI continues, the addition of Meagan’s unique skill set adds considerable value to the company

Houston, TX – November 18, 2014. Deep Space Industries is pleased to announce the appointment of Meagan Crawford as the company’s PR and Communications Manager. Meagan is a corporate communications and public relations expert with significant experience in marketing and business development.

Mining Entrepreneur Julian Malnic Joins Deep Space Industries’ Board

Julian Malnic

Deep Space Industries welcomes a prolific mining entrepreneur and accomplished company builder, Julian Malnic, to its Board of Directors.

Deep Space Industries is pleased to announce the election of Julian Malnic, accomplished entrepreneur and business leader, to its Board. In his new role with DSI, he will add invaluable experience, perspective and drive to the Board of Directors.

Deep Space Laments Loss of First Asteroid Company Spacecraft Mission

News announcements

HOUSTON, Texas – Oct. 28 – Executives at Deep Space Industries lamented the loss of Planetary Resources ARKYD 3 that was destroyed during the launch of Orbital Sciences’ Antares rocket, which exploded six seconds after lift-off on the evening of October 28, 2014.

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