The Business of Space Resources

The harvest of space is going to be the biggest industrial transformation in human history.


Full realization of this transformation is a marathon effort, similar to large terrestrial mine projects and creating breakthrough pharmaceuticals. Investors in these decade-long endeavors know they actually generate value along the way that can be monetized – as will the Deep Space campaign to tap space resources. Prospecting data will have value well before the actual harvest begins, and foundational patents in the field will be an early treasure.

Deep Space already is generating revenue from commercial spacecraft contracts and NASA asteroid research assignments. Examples include the design of a constellation of small satellites to broadcast the latest bitcoin block, and in-space testing of technology for the Time Capsule to Mars campaign. Patents are being filed on asteroid processing technologies. Retail initiatives such as publication of Asteroid Mining 101 by Deep Space co-founder Dr. John Lewis are reaching the public. Progress and profit arrives long before the company is transforming asteroid resources into products serving high-value markets in space.

The Deep Space roadmap is an integral part of the “New Space” shift from government-directed, taxpayer-dependent programs into a high-growth entrepreneurial era. SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, XCOR Aerospace and others are delivering revolutionary low-cost access to space. Dozens of other companies are fielding commercial space services funded by eager customers, and thus able to grow rapidly while space agencies are capped by limited tax dollars.


The Deep Space Vision has Four Parts:

Prospecting for Space Resources

Deep Space will launch scouts to inspect NEAs for valuable resources for in-space markets.

Processing Rocks Into Money

Turning raw asteroid ore into water, propellants, air and building materials unlocks the value of space resources for in-space applications.

Harvesting Space Resources

Deep Space will collect resources with robotic spacecraft named Harvestors.

Manufacturing on the Space Frontier

Creating machines, habitats and giant structures from space resources will open a new era in exploration and settlement of the solar system.

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