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Deep Space Industries will change the economic model of doing business in space by providing the technical resources, capabilities and system integration required to discover, harvest, process, manufacture and market in-space resources. The company’s small-but-daring asteroid scouting missions will soon begin prospecting for the richest targets. The goal is producing water, propellant, and building materials to serve markets in space, from extending the life and capabilities of commercial satellites to providing life support and power to new private-sector orbiting research stations.

Deep Space already is generating revenue from commercial spacecraft contracts and NASA asteroid research projects. Examples include the design of a constellation of small satellites for communication and computing applications, and in-space testing of emerging space technologies. Patents are being filed on asteroid processing technologies. Retail initiatives such as publication of Asteroid Mining 101 by Deep Space co-founder Dr. John Lewis are reaching the public. Progress and profit will arrive long before the company begins transforming asteroid resources into products serving high-value markets in space.

The Deep Space roadmap is an integral part of the “New Space” shift from government-directed, taxpayer-dependent programs into a high-growth entrepreneurial era. SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, XCOR Aerospace and others are delivering revolutionary low-cost access to space. Dozens of other companies are fielding commercial space services funded by eager customers, and thus able to grow rapidly while space agencies are capped by limited tax dollars.  Deep Space Industries will be perfectly positioned to capitalize on these growing markets as the fuel depot and resupply station in orbit, providing in-space resources to in-space customers. 

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