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Deep Space Industries Moves Closer to Goal of Mining Asteroids for Natural Resources


Though space travel used to be dominated solely by the government—and the American and Russian governments, specifically—a growing number of private companies have entered the formerly inaccessible industry over the past decade. Among this new crop of emergent businesses is Deep Space Industries, a space startup whose aim is appropriately out of this world …


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Mining in the Last Frontier

USA Today

Congress looks to allow private companies to own and mine in outer space.

Proposed legislation in the U.S. House would recognize that. companies harvesting resources from asteroids will own them under international law, and would protect the first company to work an asteroid from interference from subsequent arrivals.


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Gold Rush in Space? Asteroid Miners Eye Water First


Precious metal hunters look to outer space

Mining in space is moving from science fiction to commercial reality but metals magnates on this planet need not fear a mountain of extraterrestrial supply—the aim is to fuel human voyages deeper into the galaxy.

Within three years, two firms plan prospecting missions to passing asteroids. When even a modest space rock might meet demand for metals like platinum or gold for centuries, it is little wonder storytellers have long fantasized that to harness cosmic riches could make, and break, fortunes on Earth.

But with no way to bring much ore or metal down from the heavens, new ventures that have backing from some serious—and seriously rich—business figures, as well as interest from NASA, will focus on using space minerals in interplanetary “gas stations” or to build, support and fuel colonies on Mars …

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Bringing Space Resources into the Human Economy

Dragonfly Picker

Recent events have put a new focus on near Earth objects: asteroids, and sometimes comets, that orbit in Earth’s vicinity and may pose a threat to us. Recognizing such threats and working to negate them are important, but we must understand such bodies can also be put to extremely good use. Indeed, two private companies, Planetary Resources and Deep Space Industries, have recently been formed to mine asteroids and put their extraordinary amounts of natural resources—possibly trillions of dollars worth in any given body—to work transforming the human economy and human lives. The companies are taking practical, realizable steps in pursuit of a magnificent vision: a limitless future for humankind.

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Tech Titans Crucial to Next Wave of Space Exploration


“These guys get it,” said Rick Tumlinson of Deep Space Industries, a Houston based company that in January unveiled its own plans to develop asteroids commercially.

“These are people who can walk the walk, from a business perspective,” Mr. Tumlinson said, adding: “We are selling a vision, but unless we can support it with a viable business case, no one is going to work with us.”

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