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U.S. Makes Space History

President Obama signs law enabling commercial exploration and use of space resources. “The U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act of 2015” (Space Act) was signed into law today by President Barack Obama. Designed to facilitate and catalyze the US commercial space industry, the bill also includes regulations that enable prospecting and development of space resources for the first time. Read More…

DSI Chairman, Rick Tumlinson Wins World Technology Award

Rick Tumlinson was awarded the World Technology Award by the World Technology Network (“The WTN”) – a global community comprised of the most innovative people and organizations at the forefront of science and technology and related fields. Mr. Tumlinson was awarded this prestigious honor for his work at Deep Space Industries in the development of an industrial economy in space. Read More…

Metatron Global to Join Deep Space Industries on Asteroid Mining Quest

The asteroid mining firm Deep Space Industries (DSI) announced today that Metatron Global, A.S., an international investment firm with offices in the Czech Republic, has agreed to make a substantial investment in the company. The investment will enable DSI to accelerate its plans to prospect for resources at an asteroid in the near future, hire more top level leadership and develop high value products based on its groundbreaking technologies. Read More…

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