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NASA Pluto Images Predicted Forty Four Years Ago

DSI congratulates NASA and the New Horizons team for the amazing success of their mission to the planet Pluto. The incredible images returned by the spacecraft show a tiny world with a surprisingly smooth and geologically active surface. The company notes that they appear to validate a theory published 44 years ago by Dr. John S. Lewis, presently Chief Scientist of Deep Space Industries (DSI), while he was a professor at MIT.

Advanced Space Resource Utilization Technology Projects Supported by New NASA Awards to Deep Space Industries

DSI-Dragonfly-picker_BV-21-01-13NASA has selected Deep Space Industries (DSI) for two contracts devoted to developing critical technologies for utilizing asteroid resources. One will support the development of asteroid regolith simulants for terrestrial testing of technologies for excavation and processing of asteroid soil. The second award funds the investigation of methods to manufacture propellant from asteroids material.  Read More…

Daniel Faber, CEO of DSI to Moderate Panel at SXSW

28c552aDeep Space Industries CEO Daniel Faber will moderate a panel at this years’ South By Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival on the ramifications of big data in an era of breakthroughs in digital capabilities, space development, and medical innovations.  Read More…

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