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Respected Nanosat Leader Joins Asteroid Mining Team

Deep Space Industries (DSI) announced today that renowned spacecraft designer and engineer Grant Bonin will be joining the company. Mr. Bonin, with 11 successful spacecraft in Earth orbit, will be DSI’s Chief Engineer, as the company begins to ramp up for its first asteroid missions. Read More…

Deep Space Industries is Bringing High Quality ISISpace Flight Hardware to the American Market

Innovative Solutions In Space (ISISpace), a recognized leader in the world-wide nanosat market, and Deep Space Industries have announced a partnership that will deliver significant benefits to customers, at highly competitive prices. Deep Space Industries will utilize ISISpace’s flight proven hardware and avionics in addition to DSI’s own proprietary technologies to provide high-quality, low-cost, agile nanosat platforms in the American market. Read More…

NASA Pluto Images Predicted Forty Four Years Ago

DSI congratulates NASA and the New Horizons team for the amazing success of their mission to the planet Pluto. The incredible images returned by the spacecraft show a tiny world with a surprisingly smooth and geologically active surface. The company notes that they appear to validate a theory published 44 years ago by Dr. John S. Lewis, presently Chief Scientist of Deep Space Industries (DSI), while he was a professor at MIT. Read More…

Advanced Space Resource Utilization Technology Projects Supported by New NASA Awards to Deep Space Industries

DSI-Dragonfly-picker_BV-21-01-13NASA has selected Deep Space Industries (DSI) for two contracts devoted to developing critical technologies for utilizing asteroid resources. One will support the development of asteroid regolith simulants for terrestrial testing of technologies for excavation and processing of asteroid soil. The second award funds the investigation of methods to manufacture propellant from asteroids material.  Read More…




Deep Space in the News

Surprise asteroid impact is wake-up call


David Gump, CEO of Deep Space Industries, said: “Placing ten of our small FireFly spacecraft into position to intercept close encounters would take four years and less than $100 million. This will help the world develop the understanding needed to block later threats.”

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