Deep Space Industries operates on a few basic principles and ideas. Of course audacity and leadership are where we begin, as what we are proposing is truly something that pushes beyond the boundaries of tradition and “safe” thinking. Also topmost is integrity and honesty. We can be Bold, we can be Big, but no business can be built on overpromising and underdelivering. We would rather be frank about the challenges ahead and the time it will take to overcome them.

Although when it comes to asteroids the cry “Thar’s gold in them thar hills!” may be true, we are a long way from being able to locate where the true wealth lies, let alone extract it and bring it home to market. There will be vast new deposits of platinum and other valuable metals found out there, and we intend to find them, but we also are honest enough to say they are not going to be easy to find nor extract. To eventually become cost competitive with sources on Earth, DSI will develop processes to extract and use all of an asteroid’s constituents, not just the rare metals in them.

Our team and our investors know that this is a long play. They also know we are not just doing this for our own gain, but that of humanity and the Earth itself. This is a new type of business, and requires a new way of thinking, a combination of the age of exploration a few hundred years ago and the global consciousness of the 21st century.

Their passion and belief in what is possible is tempered by patience, a willingness to let each of us do our jobs and let them enjoy being part of such an incredible journey as that which lies ahead.

Small Steps

Deep Space Industries realizes the opening of the industrial frontier of space is going to be a marathon. The first steps we take towards this new age must be carefully planned, following the maps we have in hand and blazing new trails in science, engineering and technology. We must also be nimble and able to find new ways to fund and monetize our work as we move towards the bigger payoffs ahead.

Keep it Simple

We are using the most straightforward technological solutions to challenges.

Use What Works

Along with tried and true concepts and systems, we are importing ideas and technologies from a wide range of fields not previously used for space exploration. In fact we invite ideas from those who want to work with us on new solutions to the challenges that lie ahead.

Nobody Stays Until Somebody Pays

Deep Space is applying the best practices of commercial industry to a field that has been plagued since its beginning by waste. Our knowledge, sweat and time and our investors’ money are as precious resources as those we seek to find in space. We believe if we start now, use our imaginations and creativity and look for market opportunities along the way we can begin to grow customers for different aspects of our work far ahead of our first mining returns.

Seize Opportunities

No plan, no matter how good, lasts beyond first contact with reality; adaptation and evolution are central to our strategy. Thus, while steady ahead is our mantra, we will also be ready at all times to spot and seize opportunities, be it a new market or a hunk of platinum grade metals.

Share the Wealth

Deep Space will be opening up not just vast new resources that will benefit our society here on Earth, but exploration itself. Our goal is to share the excitement of our missions using media and participation as no space exploration project has ever done before. Of course, by moving the resource base needed for frontier exploration off the Earth and out into space itself, we will make it possible for exploration and opportunities to flourish on the frontier at unimaginable levels.