Deep Space Industries appoints new CEO, Bill Miller

Deep Space Industries is excited to announce that Bill Miller will be joining the company as chief executive officer to position DSI for rapid growth in the coming years. With an impeccable track record of growing technology companies, Bill brings game-changing approaches, solutions, and perspectives to DSI through his experience in defining, developing, and delivering results for dynamic organizations.

“Bill is a proven difference-maker and change agent who knows how to deliver solutions by crafting a vision and executing strategy that leads to concrete results,” said Rick Tumlinson, DSI’s chair of the board of DSI. “He brings the exact type of leadership and experience that will be instrumental to the growth of DSI in the coming years.”

Bill began his career while still in graduate school, starting up a software/hardware firm, Intercomputer Communications Corp., from scratch. He established and grew his business from an initial $40K investment to produce $36M in annual income in less than a decade. Growth rates surpassed 100% for 11 consecutive years with sustainable profits for each year. He was also chief technology officer and divisional president of Digital Communications Associates, a $240M publicly traded company.

Most recently, Bill has been researching and investing private equity in leading-edge New Space startups with sustainable business models. Thus far, he’s invested in two new launch companies and a satellite communications technology company and is a general partner of the Space Angels Network, which is the largest angel fund in the space industry.

Bill is a jet-rated commercial pilot, has owned three aircraft, and flew for Delta Airlines for several years. Bill also took a career hiatus and purchased a 100-ton trawler. With his wife Ann, he has logged more than 20,000 nautical miles at sea traveling from as far north as New York to as far south as Trinidad.

“I couldn’t be more excited to welcome Bill to the DSI family,” said outgoing CEO and co-founder Daniel Faber. “His incredible experience in growing companies and his deep understanding of the space start-up ecosystem are exactly the skills needed to take DSI to the next level.”

As Deep Space Industries continues to commercialize its game-changing technologies, such as the launch-safe Comet™ propulsion system for small spacecraft, Bill will provide the wisdom and experience needed to grow the company rapidly, while keeping focused on its long-term goals of asteroid mining. His knowledge across multiple sectors and understanding of start-up life cycles will be invaluable to DSI as it works towards creating a future of unlimited resources.

Learn more about Bill, by clicking here.


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