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Deep Space Industries is an asteroid mining company, changing the economics of the space industry by providing the technical resources, capabilities and system integration required to prospect for, harvest, process, manufacture and market in-space resources. These resources, found on easily accessible near earth asteroids,  will provide unlimited energy and supplies for a growing space economy. 

We will produce water, propellant, and building materials to serve growing space markets.  From extending the profitability of commercial satellites, to providing life support and power to new private-sector orbiting research stations, Deep Space Industries is enabling the settlement of the final frontier.

DSI is already generating revenue from commercial  contracts as well as government and university research projects. Examples include designing and manufacturing a constellation of small satellites for communication and computing applications, and NASA partnerships for testing emerging space technologies. Patents have been filed on asteroid processing technologies as well as innovative Cubesat-compatible propulsion, communications, power and operations technologies.

Public relations initiatives such as the publication of Asteroid Mining 101, by Deep Space co-founder Dr. John Lewis, and partnerships with  non-profit and educational groups are raising public awareness of the benefits of mining for resources off-world. Our legal team is working with multiple sovereign nations to create a climate of favorable mineral licensing rights for space resources.  

The Deep Space Industries platform of easily accessible resources and technologies is an integral part of the “New Space” shift from government directed and taxpayer dependent programs into a high growth entrepreneurial era. SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, XCOR Aerospace and others are delivering revolutionary low-cost access to space. Dozens of companies are providing commercial space services, funded by eager customers. The industry is growing quickly  and dependably, garnering over $2 billion per year in private investment.  Deep Space Industries, as the fuel depot and resupply station in orbit, will be perfectly positioned to capitalize on these growing markets by providing in-space resources to in-space customers. 

Our mission is a daring one.  We are journeying to unknown frontiers, and pushing the limits of technology to provide a brighter future for all of mankind.  To do this, we are innovating nano-sat, robotic and mining technology.  As a bi-product of our bold goals to mine the sky, we have also developed innovative technologies with applications much closer to home.  Learn what DSI can build for you.

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