falcon9Deep Space Industries is saddened by the failure of the SpaceX launch. We are confident the SpaceX team will determine what went wrong, correct the issue, and be back in space faster than anyone can imagine. Failure is a necessary stepping stone to success and to a safer commercial space future.

DSI Marketing Director David Gump points out that the United States is becoming more prepared for setbacks, “This event shows the wisdom of U.S. policy to support multiple suppliers for key services, such as SpaceX and Orbital ATK for cargo and SpaceX and Boeing for crew to the space station.”

Space is hard. With the failure of the Russian supply vehicle and this accident, recovery is going to be a tremendous challenge, but we believe they have the right people, the right contingency plans and the ability to make it through the tough times ahead.

Deep Space Industries Chairman and Founder Rick Tumlinson believes these challenges serve as a healthy reminder, “Adversity such as this strengthens us when we are doing something new. Commercial space and a new partnership with NASA are absolutely critical to the future of the United States.”

This is a tremendous improvement from the era of government-only space systems, where failures would keep NASA grounded for years at a time. With space activities becoming more resilient, the benefits they provide to the world become more reliable.

“Good luck to the SpaceX team in getting the next one up soon, and safely,” said Deep Space Industries CEO Daniel Faber. Safe, affordable launches are vital to developing a strong economic system in space. And great companies like SpaceX and ULA are on the forefront of this fight, creating a better future for us all. We salute the hard work, sleepless nights, and incredible scientific minds that keep this industry pushing forward, no matter the obstacles.


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