As the strategic development of DSI continues, the addition of Meagan’s unique skill set adds considerable value to the company


Meagan Crawford, PR and Communications Manager for Deep Space Industries

Meagan Crawford, corporate communications expert, joins Deep Space Industries as the Public Relations Manager. Image Credit: Audrey Pahls

Houston, TX – November 18, 2014.  Deep Space Industries is pleased to announce the appointment of Meagan Crawford as the company’s PR and Communications Manager.  Meagan is a corporate communications and public relations expert with significant experience in marketing and business development.

“Meagan is a rare talent in the space field. She not only ‘gets it’ but she can write about it, talk about it, package it and send it out in a press release – linked to an awesome website,” said Deep Space Chair Rick Tumlinson. “She brings us a level of understanding and professionalism that will greatly enhance our ability to share the message that Deep Space is on the move!”

Meagan’s work has won numerous awards, including an American Marketing Association “Crystal Award” as well as recognition from the Texas Business Hall of Fame, the Rice Alliance and others.  She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Space Frontier Foundation and a managing team member of the NewSpace Business Plan Competition.  She holds an MBA from Rice University where she focused in Entrepreneurship, and a BBA from the University of Houston where she majored in Marketing.

“Deep Space Industries is growing rapidly and Meagan’s addition to the team will help ensure that our brand reflects these positive developments,” said DSI CEO Daniel Faber. “Her expertise will be instrumental in communicating the global benefits of the endeavor we are engaged in, and the forward momentum and success we are experiencing.”

Meagan joins a team of experienced managers, engineers and scientists, and helps to round out the business expertise needed to fulfill the company’s mission.

Deep Space Industries is a space resources and technology company, developing efficient means to locate, harvest, refine and manufacture the resources of our solar system. DSI is applying these unique capabilities and technologies to provide solutions for both terrestrial and space-sector customers.

Deep Space Industries is planning a series of reconnaissance spacecraft which will be sent in search of mineral-rich asteroids.

Deep Space Industries is planning a series of reconnaissance spacecraft which will be sent in search of mineral-rich asteroids. Image Credit: Bryan Versteeg, Deep Space Industries

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