DSI Partners with Europe’s Leading Nanosat Manufacturer, ISISpace

ISISpace 3U CubeSat

ISISpace 3U CubeSat (Image Credit: ISISpace)

MOFFETT FIELD, CA – Innovative Solutions In Space (ISISpace), a recognized leader in the world-wide nanosat market, and Deep Space Industries have announced a partnership that will deliver significant benefits to customers, at highly competitive prices. Deep Space Industries will utilize ISISpace’s flight proven hardware and avionics in addition to DSI’s own proprietary technologies to provide high-quality, low-cost, agile nanosat platforms in the American market.

“Deep Space Industries is extremely excited to be able to offer ISISpace’s professional quality Cubesat-compatible flight systems to our American customers. This new partnership will enable U.S. customers to benefit from the finest quality European parts backed by years of success,” said Daniel Faber, CEO of Deep Space Industries. “Coupled with DSI’s innovative new technologies and our integration and engineering expertise, this partnership will allow us to provide the highest quality nanosat platforms to our customers at competitive prices.”

Jeroen Rotteveel, CEO of ISISpace, confirms, saying: “We are looking forward to this partnership as it brings together two highly motivated teams with complementary skills and capabilities to better serve our customers. This partnership brings our turnkey CubeSat capabilities to the US while enabling higher performance of our spacecraft by utilizing DSI’s new technologies”.

Increased manufacturing capacity will benefit customers of both firms

Increased manufacturing capacity will benefit customers of both firms

The companies will also partner on integration and manufacturing, allowing customers from both regions to benefit from additional manufacturing capacity and faster delivery. Additionally, ISISpace will now be the primary European distributor of DSI patented technologies in propulsion, Attitude Determination and Control Systems (ADCS) and Guidance Navigation and Control (GNC), providing a more diverse product offering in their existing market.

Deep Space Industries’ customizable agile nanosat platform provides significant benefits to customers with the perfect combination of cutting-edge capabilities and proven, reliable hardware. Competitive pricing allows customers access to the best quality equipment, while end-to-end engineering and design services provide full customization to ensure that the customers’ business and science goals are met or exceeded.

DSI's "Firefly" prospecting spacecraft, designed to utilize high-performance, CubeSat-compatible technologies.  Image Credit:  Bryan Versteeg/ DSI

DSI’s “Firefly” prospecting spacecraft, designed to utilize high-performance, CubeSat-compatible technologies. Image Credit: Bryan Versteeg/ DSI

Deep Space Industries is an American asteroid mining company, utilizing the most advanced nanosat technologies to prospect for valuable resources in space. DSI’s asteroid mining missions drive technology innovations, resulting in unique CubeSat-compatible technologies in communications, power, pointing, and operations. These patented subsystems, when combined with ISISpace’s proven flight hardware, create agile, efficient and highly reliable nanosats for a wide range of customers and applications. The fully customizable agile nanosat platform is now available for sale in multiple markets, including the U.S. For more details on how DSI’s agile nanosat platform can help you meet your business goals, please visit: DeepSpaceIndustries.com/technology

ISISpace is a vertically integrated small satellite company, focused on providing high value, cost effective space solutions by making use of the latest innovative technologies. The company is focused on nanosatellites in the range of 1 to 20 kilograms. As one of Europe’s leaders in the nanosatellite domain, ISISpace offers contract research, innovative small satellite parts, sub-systems and platforms as well as turnkey space solutions to a broad range of customers for small satellite missions and applications. ISISpace supports nanosatellites throughout their lifecycle and as such is an active player in the domains of system level testing, launch services and operations of nanosatellites. For more information visit: www.isispace.nl.


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