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Case Study: DSI as the satellite provider for HawkEye 360’s small satellite mini-constellation. DSI is the prime contractor for the development and manufacturing of the satellites that will host HawkEye 360’s proprietary data processing technology. Working with partners, DSI will coordinate the design, build, and commissioning of HawkEye’s pathfinder constellation. Contact us today to learn more about what DSI can build for you. 


Mission Prime

Complete Spacecraft Solutions

Deep Space Industries’ engineering team draws on experience in over two-dozen space missions with a flawless success record. The team’s cumulative mission experience spans nanosatellites, microsatellites, and GEO communications satellites. The cornerstone technologies being developed for DSI’s own missions are also key enablers for commercial satellite missions in low-Earth orbit, such as its inert, launch-safe, high-performance water propulsion system.

For the HawkeEye360 mission, Deep Space Industries has partnered with the UTIAS Space Flight Laboratory (SFL) in Toronto as its platform provider. Together, the team will combine SFL’s capabilities and impressive small satellite success record with Deep Space Industries’ robust design approach and propulsion technologies to develop an advanced, reliable, and innovative satellite system.


From the Customer:

“HawkEye 360 is very excited to be working with Deep Space Industries as the manufacturing partner for our HawkEye 360 Pathfinder Cluster,” said John Serafini, CEO of HawkEye 360. “DSI and SFL’s technical expertise, flight heritage and commitment to success are a great complement to our plans for commercial signals geolocation and analysis.”

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