Deep Space Missions

Delivering resources to open the space economy.

Missions to industrialize the frontier.

Successful spacecraft such as NASA’s Dawn, JAXA’s Hayabusa, and ESA’s Rosetta have visited resource-rich asteroids and comets. These missions have proven the concept and many of the technical capabilities required for asteroid mining. However, these programs were executed under large government cost structures and long timetables.

DSI’s technology innovations are changing the way these types of missions are performed. The company’s pioneering spacecraft components greatly reduce the size, cost, and development times of sophisticated space missions, making asteroid mining economically feasible for the first time in history. DSI is building on the existing micro- and nano-satellite industry infrastructure by developing specific technologies that drastically increase the functionality of off-the-shelf satellite structures. DSI’s spacecraft components transform existing micro-satellite platforms into lean, agile, and robust robots, ready for advanced space missions.

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