proc·ess: ˈpräˌsesˈ/    verb
Perform a series of mechanical or chemical operations on (something) in order to change or preserve it.

The Deep Space Industries processing team is currently developing the technologies required to separate asteroid material into the commodities that will power humanity’s expansion into the solar system. Robust equipment is being designed to process asteroid regolith into fuel, water, and building supplies.

Harvestor spacecraft will unload their cargo to a processing complex that begins the detailed separation and evolution of materials. The facility will be made of multiple, modular pieces of equipment designed for specific separation processes, allowing the facility to increase capabilities and capacity incrementally. 

Mission Objectives:

Modular equipment will combine to form specialized processing facilities to transform asteroid regolith into valuable products. Finished products will be stored in reusable, modular containers. Processing equipment will interface with both Harvestor spacecraft and product delivery mechanisms, such as small “tugs” or courier craft.

Mission Specifications:

Early versions of this refinery likely will concentrate on extracting the maximum volume of volatiles, such as water and hydrocarbons, and oxygen for life support as well as propulsion. Methane and methanol, for example, are rocket fuels that can be created from the materials in asteroids, and paired with liquid oxygen from asteroids for powerful chemical-thrust engines.

Mission Spacecraft:

Processing capacity will be increased incrementally as additional capabilities and equipment are added to the modular system. Volatiles processing will include heating mechanism powered by free energy from the sun. Regolith processing will include crushing equipment as well as mechanical and magnetic separation mechanisms.

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