pros·pect: ˈpräˌspekt/ verb
Search for mineral deposits in a place, especially by means of experimental drilling and excavation.


Deep Space Industries will soon launch it’s first prospecting missions, directly interacting with Near Earth Asteroids. Spacecraft are currently being built to carry out these robotic missions to confirm our scientific models of the geology of asteroids. Prospecting missions will find water, iron ore, rare-earth metals, silicates and more. The resulting detailed geologic models will help DSI design the systems for our first Harvesting missions, scheduled to launch before 2020.

Mission Objectives:

While orbiting a Near Earth Asteroid (NEA), the spacecraft will investigate its target using spectral imaging and other research methods. Data relayed back to earth will help scientists better determine the size, shape, spin and composition of the asteroid.

Mission Specifications:

Tiny Firefly-class craft will be only 30cm long and 15cm wide, about the size of a breifcase. They can hitch a low-cost ride to orbit in the “trunk” of a large rocket. These one-way trips will take six months to two years, depending on the orbit of the asteroid.

Mission Spacecraft:

DSI’s innovations and advances in “C3PO” technologies (Communications, Propulsion, Pointing, Power and Operations) allow the company to utilize existing CubeSat architecture, integrated with our unique technology and instruments.

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