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An International Mission to Test Technologies for Asteroid Mining

Prospector-X™ is the inaugural mission of the partnership between Deep Space Industries and the Luxembourg Government, as they work together to develop the technology needed to mine asteroids and build a supply chain of valuable resources in space. As with any mining project, the first stage in the harvest of space resources is prospecting.

In the near future, Deep Space Industries intends to launch a small spacecraft to a Near Earth Asteroid for the purpose of assessing the target’s geotechnical properties and suitability for mining. This commercial deep space mission will require new technologies, in smaller packages, with more robust capabilities. These are the technologies currently being developed by Deep Space Industries; small satellite subsystems that are robust, agile, high-performance, and increasingly smaller in size.

When planning for any complex deep space mission, it is crucial to perform risk-reduction technology demonstrations in the familiar environment of low-Earth orbit. Prospector-X, an eXperimental small nano-spacecraft, will be used to test several key enabling technologies in advance of the first Deep Space Industries asteroid rendezvous mission.

The company will integrate its patented water-based propulsion system, radiation-tolerant avionics, and optical navigation system with highly-reliable off-the-shelf commercial nanosatellite components from our U.S. and international partners, while working closely with the appropriate U.S. government authorities on any potential controlled technologies. The eXperimental mission will be built in, and operated from, DSI’s European office in Luxembourg. Deep Space Industries is proud to partner with the Luxembourg Government and the University of Luxembourg’s SnT to develop and execute this one of a kind mission.

Interact with Prospector-X

To use the interactive image below, hover over the areas indicated with a light-blue dashed line to reveal more about the innovative technologies that will be tested on the Prospector-X spacecraft.

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