Prospector Deep Space Vehicle

Robust enough for the first commercial mission to an asteroid. Robust enough for any mission in the solar system. 

Prospector-1 is a small spacecraft that strikes the ideal balance between cost and performance. In addition to radiation-tolerant payloads and avionics, all DSI spacecraft notably use the Comet line of water propulsion systems, which expel superheated water vapor to generate thrust. Water will be the first asteroid mining product, so using water as propellant will provide future DSI spacecraft with the ability to refuel in space.

These missions will also demonstrate the approach DSI is taking in spacecraft design — focusing on minimizing cost while maximizing results. The Prospector platform is now available to government and commercial explorers interested in developing sophisticated, yet low-cost missions of their own.

Mission Prime

Complete Mission Solutions

Deep Space Industries (DSI) offers complete mission solutions. Trust DSI’s team of small spacecraft pioneers to develop your mission, act as the prime contractor, and deliver the satellites your mission needs.

Case Study: DSI was selected by HawkEye 360 as the satellite provider for its Pathfinder small satellite mini-constellation. This is the first step towards the launch of the full commercial constellation of HawkEye 360’s space-based radio frequency mapping and analytics system. DSI is the prime contractor for the development and manufacturing of the satellites that will host HawkEye 360’s proprietary data processing technology.

CometTM Propulsion System

Efficient. Affordable. Easy to use.

Comet is a simple, launch-safe, and cost-effective electrothermal propulsion system that uses water as a propellant and offers the ideal balance of cost and performance.

This high-performance propulsion unit uses water as propellant, making the system easy to work with and easy to fuel. It’s highly-flexible interface is easy to integrate into your small satellite, regardless of size and form factor, and easy to operate on orbit. Comet has also been optimized for minimal power consumption and shorter maneuvering times, allowing you to focus more resources on your payload. Currently in production, this vetted propulsion solution is shipping now.

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