Deep Space Technology

Small spacecraft subsystems that enable new missions.

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Deep Space Industries offers customers small spacecraft technology solutions that enable new missions. Highly-robust, fully-customizable components can be paired with flight-proven hardware to provide the optimal solution for a wide range of space missions.


The Comet-1™ electrothermal thruster uses the most abundant resource in the solar system—water—as propellant. It is intrinsically inert, launch safe, and cost-effective. This low-power, low-profile, high total impulse micropropulsion system is CubeSat-compatible but incorporates a highly-flexible interface suitable for a wide range of spacecraft sizes.

Download the Comet-1 Spec Sheet (PDF)

Optical Navigation

A two-camera optical navigation system enables proximity operations at asteroids or at close range to other targets. This vision system is developed jointly between Deep Space Industries and University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability, and Trust (SnT).

Deep Space Avionics

Modular, scalable, and intrinsically radiation-tolerant avionics combine the best of commercial technologies with rigorous screening and innovative design approaches to enable cost-effective, yet radiation-robust subsystems for deep space.

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